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Rajasthan or Rajputana , the land of Maharajas , brings alive the glory and splendor of the past where feudal maharajas ruled their individual states with absolute powers of a sovereign ! Now these same Maharajas, Thakurs, Feudal lords bring to the world the old charm and splendor by throwing open their Palaces, Forts, Havelis, Castles, Rawlas and other monuments to the people to enjoy the same glorious past with them. The old specter is revived by them along with the culture, music, dances, customs and all other aspects of a bygone era for the benefit of the present modern generations !

Rajasthan - a land of Forts & Palaces
Rajasthan has been extensively sold the world over as a potential tourist destination and hordes have been flocking the state to see the magnificent monuments. This is the first attempt by Chandrashekhar Singh of Raoti to sell the idea of staying and mingling with the erstwhile aristocrats, enjoy their hospitality and get to know more about them, their customs, their cuisines and what they and their ancestors stood for and what type of place they carved for themselves in modern Indian society. At each of the places, most of which are rural, the tourists are the personal guests of the noblemen who take great pains not only to make their stay comfortable but also to see that they or their immediate family members take personal care of the guests. They would be delighted to take the guests for sightseeing of their area. We have christened this HOMESTAY TOURISM and it was initiated in1995. It has not only picked up but become very popular and the visitors have really enjoyed it. We open this vista for you to come and experience it for yourself…….
“Indrashan” 593, High Court Colony, Jodhpur - 342 001 Rajasthan (India)
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